4 Reasons to Use White Linens in Your Panama City Beach Vacation Rental

4 Reasons to Use White Linens in Your Panama City Beach Vacation Rental

When you are traveling and staying in a vacation rental, do you ever wonder why there is so much white when it comes to linens, towels, and sheets?

As experienced vacation rental property managers,  our team at Sand Seeker Vacations highly recommends using white sheets when outfitting your vacation rental in Panama City Beach.

Reason #1: Psychology

The color white has been traditionally used in hotels for quite some time. Hotels, condos, and vacation rentals have studied guest psychology and they have found that there is a strong association between cleanliness and the color white. Think about it: If you see a crisp set of white sheets, you automatically assume that they are clean. If you are presented with dark blue, red or any other color, you don’t know if they are clean or not. Colored fabrics camouflage stains and dirt much easier.

Reason #2: Easy Maintenance

It is safe to assume your sheets will gain a stain or two over time with different vacation guests. One of the best things about white linens, is you can bleach the stains away. You can also wash white sheets in hot water and the fabric won’t fade like darker colors do.

Reason #3: Replace with Ease

If you plan on having a vacation rental property for a while, you are more than likely going to need to replace the linens once wear and tear begins to set in. Another wonderful quality about white sheets is when it comes to replacing them, you will always find the perfect shade every time.

Reason #4: Works Well With Other Colors

Do you have bright and colorful throw pillows or abstract art on the walls? White sheets and linens contrast well with other design elements in your rental. Your vacation guests will notice the pops of color and patterns against the white.

Whether you’re looking to turn your home into a vacation rental or annual rental, we have you covered. It is our job to provide property owners the highest possible profit and return on their investment. Our property owners can have confidence knowing that their investment is in the care of able professionals. Our owners are free from the day-to-day stresses of having to deal directly with tenants or with the property itself.

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