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There’s nothing like the sugar-white sand beaches and the emerald-green waters of  Panama City Beach! You’ve done all the planning, booked your perfect vacation rental through Sand Seeker Realty, and started packing. But what happens when someone in your group gets a bad sunburn? Or you just can’t seem to get rid of that pesky sand all over your body?

Here are a few brilliant beach hacks and tips to make the most of your beach vacation and keep the worries at bay.

Baby Powder is your new super power against sand!

1. Baby Powder: Bring a bottle of the white stuff with you in your beach bag. Once you and your group are finished at the beach, sprinkle the powder generously wherever you see sand and simply wipe it off. The baby powder absorbs excess moisture and makes removing sand from skin a breeze.

2. A mesh bag: Carry all of your beach boys, pails, and shovels in a mesh bag so you can easily shake away the excess sand instead of bringing it back to your vacation rental.

3. Hide your valuables: Take an empty sunscreen bottle and rinse it out. You can stash any valuables such as keys, money, credit cards right inside.

Soothe a sunburn with icy, aloe vera!

4. Freeze Aloe Vera: Bring a plastic ice tray with you and fill it with aloe vera gel. Put the ice tray in the freezer to create ice cold aloe cubes to help soothe a painful sunburn.

5. Trash Bags: Leave nothing but footprints! Cleaning up after yourself if good for you and the environment. Bringing a small trash bag with you will help save the trips back and forth to the trash cans placed on the beach.

6. Plastic Sandwich bag: Picture this: You’re gathering the family in the water to snap a group photo and OOPS!…There goes your phone, right into the wet sand. Placing your cell phone in a plastic bag will  give it temporary protection from water and sand, as well as a barrier for smudgy sunscreen fingers.

Keep sand out with a fitted sheet!

7. Bring fitted sheet: Keeping sand out of your space whole at the beach can be a real hassle. Bringing an old fitted sheet and placing large items like your beach bag and cooler in the corners will help create a decent barrier.

Make sure you bring these items with you or keep them in your vacation rental for easy access! Still trying to find the perfect Panama City Beach vacation rental? Visit Sandseeker Realty to browse listings!


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