What we provide for vacation rentals & annual lease rentals

Timely maintenance ultimately delivers better profits to owners, wisely avoiding greater future expenses.

For example, plumbing leaks should be addressed immediately, before bigger problems develop. Another example is the wood trim around windows, which should be painted when showing signs of cracking and chipping, thus avoiding weather rot, which will require entire replacements.

While we respect different policies or preferences of owners regarding the maintenance of their properties, our job is to point out recommended repairs to the owner; and money is never spent without the owner’s approval.

Typically, this is done once a year or more often as may be indicated to ensure the property is being well maintained.

Every Sand Seeker Realty lease contains wording that allows for periodic inspections of the property.

All funds are tracked and accounted for in separate property ledgers using Trust Accounting.

There are specific rules about how business funds and transactions are handled by a property management company. Trust Accounts for property managers are used to keep tenant deposits and rent payments separate from operating capital. This protects you, the property owner, and our business. Owners have access to their personal property statements 24/7 through an online password-protected login procedure. Once rents are received, funds are direct deposited into a non-interest-bearing escrow account.

Emergency Service
An emergency contact number monitored 24/7 is provided to tenants and owners in the event of any urgent situation.

We are always available.

We market our rentals across all top rental sites, and pay all fees to do so at no additional cost to you.

We will market your rental across all top vacation rental sites including,,, and more! And did you know different sites require different photograph minimums, photograph quality, and more? We keep track of all of this for you, so your property will show at the TOP of all searches. Further, we sync your availability calendar across every site so it’s easy to see when your property is available, no matter what site a potential guest is surfing. Did you know it can cost up to 20% to list on these sites? THIS IS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

When a property is vacated, it is essential to secure a new tenant fast. This becomes our highest priority. Your property will be promoted on the Realtor’s MLS,, Craigslist, YouTube,,, and numerous other sites. We always make sure the property has been prepared in a timely manner, by a thorough cleaning and other maintenance issues as may be required. Furthermore, we always cross-check with current local rental rates to make sure we are asking the best rents that the property will bear. The goal is to get a rental rate that is competitive yet demonstrating fair value from the tenants’ perspective.

Legal Compliance
It is our job to minimize owner liabilities by making sure every property and lease is in compliance with the law to protect owners from legal complications.


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Whether you're looking to turn your home into a vacation rental or annual rental, we have you covered. It is our job to provide property owners the highest possible profit and return on their investment. Our property owners can have confidence knowing that their investment is in the care of able professionals. Our owners are free from the day-to-day stresses of having to deal directly with tenants or with the property itself.

Commission-based pricing is the industry standard for property management firms. We only make money when our owners make money, and the only way to increase our revenue is to help owners increase theirs.


  • 10% of gross monthly income (Long-Term Leased Rentals)
  • 20% of gross daily/weekly/monthly income (Vacation Rentals)
  • No long-term contracts
  • No fees during periods of property vacancy
  • No fees for the cost of advertising vacancies
  • No cost for listing on all major travel sites like,,, etc. (Vacation Rentals)
  • No credit card fees charged passed on to owner or customers
  • Direct Deposit funds to owner accounts

I’m ready for Sand Seeker Realty to manage my property. What’s next?

To get started, our team will start collecting your information, inspecting your home, photographing your property, and crafting your property listing. Normal activation includes shooting new photos, creating a detailed listing, setting pricing, activating advertising on the main internet channels and beginning to take reservations for vacation rentals or screening tenant applicants for annual leases – all within days of your returned Management Agreement!

Call us anytime at 850-234-2151! You may also email, or fill out the form above.


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